Stored Product Insect Pests

Pest Solution offers pest control against any pests infesting products that can be stored. This service is available throughout the whole of the East Anglian region. The stored product pest are usually beetles or moths found in granaries, flour mills, food-packaging plants and warehouses and may be brought into homes via infested grain, seed or flour products. They are known to infest cereals, dried plant products, cocoa, corn meal, milk powder, dried soups, wheat, rice, seed and woolens. There are many insects that infest stored products and the more common ones are noted below. If you do not find the pest below then please call for an identification and advice.
Flour Beetles
Indian Meal Moth
Mill/Warehouse Moth
Biscuit Beetle
Dermestid Beetles
Spider Beetles

Pest Solution offers Stored Product Insect Pest control in East Anglia