Feral Pigeons


Pigeons are actually domesticated rock doves that have returned to wild or semi-wild conditions. They are well adapted to an urban environment and are now a serious pest the world over. Pigeons are resident and do not migrate. They vary in colour from white to black and weigh between 250-350g.

Pigeons are flock birds, with flock being up to 400 strong depending on available food taking about 80g of food per day per bird. They roost together in buildings or on walls or statues and their resulting acidic droppings can cause deterioration of stonework, corrosion of metals and block gutters/downspouts. Nests can block chimneys/flues leading to an accumulation of noxious fumes. The droppings are also a slip hazard. In favourable conditions feral pigeons can breed all year round.


Pigeons can be deterred from roosting and nesting by the fitting of deterrent systems – nets, spikes, bird wire, hawking or avishock system but that will only remove the problem from that small area. If it is necessary to remove the birds then this can be achieved by culling by means of shooting, trapping or narcotising.

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