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Date of What is lurking in your loft? post08Jan2018

What is lurking in your loft?

Pest Solution often receives calls from customers that are hearing noises in their loft. Lofts can provide ideal environments for pests and casual invaders as they provide warmth and shelter from the elements. Here are some of the common animals that are found in lofts: Rats and Mice are common pests found inside properties and […]

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Date of It’s the time of year for cluster flies post10Nov2017

It’s the time of year for cluster flies

What is a cluster fly? As the temperatures drop, we are receiving more calls regarding cluster flies, but what are cluster flies? The most common species of cluster fly in the UK is Pollenia rudis. This species of cluster fly lay their eggs in soil, and once the eggs hatch, the larvae live as parasites […]

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