A new carpet beetle species for Pest Solution


Recently, Pest Solution was called to an infestation of carpet beetles. Upon further inspection, they were found to be Furniture Carpet Beetles (Anthrenus flavipes). This was the first time we have treated for the furniture carpet beetle, as the most common species in the UK is the Varied Carpet Beetle (Anthrenus verbasci). On arrival at the property, it was found to be much more than a few beetles here and there. The carpet beetles had infested three bedrooms, a dining room and a living room. It was only once heavy furniture had been moved to commence the treatment that the full extent of the infestation was seen. Even though there were no carpets in the property, each room had large rugs in and some of which had been quite badly eaten.



A bit more information about carpet beetles…

Carpet beetles are a type of textile pest. Many textile pests have special conditions in their gut which mean that they can break down keratin, one of the most indigestible proteins. Examples of materials that contain keratin are wool, fur, silk and feathers – which are commonly the hot favourites on the menu!

However, it is in fact the larval stage (also known as woolly bears) that feed on keratin and therefore cause the most damage. The larvae can live for anything between 7 and 11 months depending on the conditions. When the adults emerge, they feed on flower pollens and live for 2-4 weeks. Carpet beetles are often brought into properties on cut flowers as adults.

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