Other Pests

Pest Solution offers control for other pest species throughout the entire region of East Anglia – SuffolkNorfolkCambridgeshire and EssexSeveral species such as water voles, red squirrels, badgers and all bats are fully protected, but other mammals such as grey squirrels, rabbits and moles are considered as pests.
Why do these species need to be controlled?
  • Grey Squirrels
  • Moles
  • Rabbits
Grey Squirrels

Grey squirrels can enter attics and chew alarm and electric cables leading to possible fires. They damage bird populations by stealing food and taking eggs and young birds. They also carry a disease that kills our native red squirrel. Grey Squirrels are usually controlled by trapping and proofing of premises to prevent entry.


The burrowing of moles and the resultant mole hills can be a great irritation to gardeners. Horses can be at risk from putting their hoof down a run. The soil and stones brought to the surface on mole hills can cause damage to grass cutting machinery and result in listeriosis in contaminated silage. Much mole work is done using a variety of traps, from barrel and scissor traps to the highly effective Talpex style trap. Alternatively, they can be fumigated with the gassing compound, aluminium phosphide.


Rabbits cause damage to crops and gardens and their burrows can be dangerous to horses and cause subsidence. If after conducting an assessment, control is deemed necessary, there are a number of options available. Fencing (electric and wire) can be effective although can also be costly. Gassing using aluminum phosphide is an option as is shooting, snaring (free running noose), spring trapping, ferreting, cage or drop trapping.

How can Pest Solution help?

Pest Control Contact

Talk to Pest Solution’s friendly, knowledgeable staff:

  • To discuss your pest problem;
  • To get advice;
  • To organise a site visit by a local technician at a time to suit you.
Pest Control Survey

After carrying out a survey our technician will:

  • Provide a tailor-made solution to your pest problem;
  • Provide a fixed price quotation;
  • Arrange treatment at a time to suit you, if the quotation is accepted.
Pest Control Treatment

Our fully qualified and insured technicians will:

  • Carry out a bespoke treatment;
  • Follow latest industry guidelines and techniques;
  • Carry out child and pet friendly treatments.
Pest Control What next?
What next?

After completion of the treatment, our technician will:

  • Advise on pest proofing to keep them out;
  • Advise on housekeeping to minimise pests;
  • If required, discuss further monitoring and treatments as part of a pest management plan.
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Combining an extensive knowledge of pests and a commitment to safe procedures, Pest Solution offers Pest Management that you can trust.