Pest Proofing – Keeping them out

Pest Solution offers bird, rodent and flying insect proofing throughout the entire region of East Anglia – SuffolkNorfolkCambridgeshire and Essex.We use the most modern proofing techniques and materials, these are compatible with the structure of your business premises or home and aimed at preventing the entry of pests as part of an integrated pest management programme.

Bird Proofing

Whatever the problems you have with pigeons, seagulls or starlings roosting or nesting on your buildings, Pest Solution can advise on the best course of action for your building. We undertake all forms of bird proofing, including:

  • Spike systems
  • Bird netting
  • Post and wire systems
  • Optical gel
  • Solar panel deterrents
  • Avishock
  • Chimney guards
  • Scaring systems
Spike systems

Non injurious stainless steel spikes can be fitted onto window ledges or other roosting positions, held in place by silicone glue.

Bird netting

Netting can be fitted to completely enclose courtyard areas or open areas of roof tops and fire escapes. Modern netting is unobtrusive, available in black, stone colour and transparent to match with any background.

Post and wire systems

Unobtrusive stainless steel post and wire systems can also be fitted to ledges.

Optical gel

Birds see this gel as if it were on fire. The gel contains food grade oils and is designed to modify the birds behaviour.

Solar panel deterrents

This prevents birds from roosting and nesting under solar panels.


The Avishock system provides a low-profile system effective against all species of birds.

Chimney guards

Fitted into chimneys to stop birds nesting and roosting.

Scaring systems

Visual or audio systems to scare birds from sites.

Rodent Proofing

The gap under doors may look insignificant but if you can fit a pen under a door then there is enough space for a mouse to squeeze under. There are many methods of preventing rat and mice entering properties, such as:

  • Brush strip – these can be fitted to the bottom and sides of doors including roller shutter doors, and concertina doors.
  • Metal mesh screens – these can be fitted to damaged air vents.
  • Repairs – repairing existing structures such as cables and pipe entry points.
Rodent Proofing

Insect Proofing

Best hygiene practice demands that insects are excluded from commercial food production or food related premises because of the risk of contamination of food products and the spread of diseases. The most effective way of excluding flying insects such as wasps, flies, moths, mosquitoes, etc. is to keep all doors and windows permanently closed, however, this is often impractical. Pest Solution can supply and fit bespoke made proofing solutions such as:

  • Insect screens – These provide the best physical barrier to all flying insects whilst allowing free passage of air to the outside. Insect screens can be fitted to doors and windows with a choice of mesh – PVC, aluminium or stainless steel, and a choice of frame construction.
  • Mesh strip curtains – These work very much like the PVC strip curtains but allow for ease of personnel movement and simple maintenance.
  • Chain link curtains – This is another option to the mesh strip curtain and comes in a variety of colours and designs.
Insect Proofing

How can Pest Solution help?

Pest Control Contact

Talk to Pest Solution’s friendly, knowledgeable staff:

  • To discuss your pest problem;
  • To get advice;
  • To organise a site visit by a local technician at a time to suit you.
Pest Control Survey

After carrying out a survey our technician will:

  • Provide a tailor-made solution to your pest problem;
  • Provide a fixed price quotation;
  • Arrange treatment at a time to suit you, if the quotation is accepted.
Pest Control Treatment

Our fully qualified and insured technicians will:

  • Carry out a bespoke treatment;
  • Follow latest industry guidelines and techniques;
  • Carry out child and pet friendly treatments.
Pest Control What next?
What next?

After completion of the treatment, our technician will:

  • Advise on pest proofing to keep them out;
  • Advise on housekeeping to minimise pests;
  • If required, discuss further monitoring and treatments as part of a pest management plan.
Get an Estimate for Pest Proofing
Combining an extensive knowledge of pests and a commitment to safe procedures, Pest Solution offers Pest Management that you can trust.