Review of the Summer 2018

Last year, we posted a blog about the large reduction in wasp numbers in 2017 – Where are all the wasps? It was uncertain what would be in store for the wasp population in 2018 and whether they would recover to their normal numbers or not. The wasp and European hornet numbers have definitely recovered from last year and we have received about five times the amount of call outs to treat nests compared to last year. This is a trend that has been seen up and down the country. It may not have been the best news for all the picnics and barbecues in the heat wave, but it has certainly been very good news for pest controllers.

There have also been more cases of Asian Hornets this summer. This has got a lot more national coverage this year and awareness is growing. The recent sightings have been in Cornwall and East Yorkshire, which means that they are getting more established in mainland UK. If you want to find out more about the Asian Hornet – see our blog from last summer.

To round off the summer, the whole team at Pest Solution attended the National Pest Technician’s Association (NPTA) On the Road training day last week. This is a great way to for us all to keep up to date with changes in the industry and pick up CPD points.

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